Super Nova is a home-brew space shooter game for the Commodore 64.

It pays loosely homage to the old Atari classics Starmaster and Star Raiders.






super-nova-v4.5.d64 (latest version)











Your star system is attacked by six enemy battlestars that try to reach and destroy the sun. Your mission is to stop them!






The status display shows either your enemy the condition of the sun. When it turns from yellow to red, then the nova is not far.






Press M to open the map. This only possible if no enemy is in range.

You can only fly to one of the next sectors to your current position.


Sun: Protect the sun!

Planet: Fly to the plant and blow up the repository ship to gain a shield.

Space Station: Here you can regain the ship’s energy.

Enemy Hunter: There are one to three enemy hunters in this sector.

Enemy Battlestar: You need to get a shield to go there. It will vanish after the jump.

Vortex: Teleports you to a random sector. Without a shield it will damage your ship.

Destroyed Space Station or Planet: Your enemy will destroy your space stations and planets when the game goes on.