Black Hole is a home-brew space shooter game for the Commodore 64.

It has been inspired by the Atari 2600 classic Solaris by Doug Neubauer.






black-hole-v1.d64 (latest version)











Try to escape the star system by using the black hole as a worm hole.

You need to collect a gravity shield for this which is hidden on one of the enemy planets.

Save as many astronauts from the enemy plants as possible as this will give you points to active the shield.

Also destroying battleships and hunts will help you.






The shield symbol occurs when you have collected the gravity shield.

It turns from red to green if you have earned enough points to activate it.

When it is active, you can fly to the black hole.






Hold fire to open the map. This only possible if no enemy or container is in range.


Planet: Collect container to get energy. Avoid the wrong containers!

Enemy Planet: The gravity shield is hidden on one of the planets. Save the astronauts from the surface! You get points to activate the shield.

Battleship: Strong enemy. Many points to activate the shield.

Hunter: Easy enemy. You receive some points for the shield.

Vortex: This space is blocked.

Black Hole: Try to go there. Gravity shield is required and needs to be active.